Finding Your Niche: From FOMO to Focus

6 Tips to Finding and Owning Your Niche  By Mickey Anderson, Founder of 90-Day Campaigns Inc.   Ever wondered if saying yes to every potential client is actually holding your agency back?  You’re not alone. I haven’t met a single agency owner who hasn’t had to go through the daily grind of trying to please everyone […]

10 Proven Tactics to Build a High-Quality Email List 

Are you ready to take your eCommerce store to the next level with proven tactics for building your email list?  With over half the globe using email, you can’t afford to leave money on the table by not actively communicating to your list.  At Traffic & Conversion Summit, the email marketing gurus emphasize the significance […]

We Read These Top Books For Entrepreneurs So You Don’t Have To 

We asked the T&C community what their favorite ‘books for entrepreneurs’ have been on their journey to success… and these are their top 5:  The T&C team have saved you HOURS of time by reading them cover to cover, summarizing the books and giving you the top takeaways.  7 Habits of Highly Effective People The […]

6 Email Hacks That Drive Immediate Results   

One of the most important things to understand email marketing as a format is that it is nothing if not malleable. It can be a great way to raise brand awareness, attract attention about an upcoming product or service launch, build anticipation, and more – all at the exact same time. But because of that, […]

The Octopus Method: Amanda Dobson’s 8 Channels to Explode Your List Revenue

The digital marketing world has put hyper-focus on email marketing—and with good reason. Email marketing creates great results for businesses across almost every industry. With our inboxes sending notifications right to our phones, we’re able to find out about a sale our favorite retailer is having pretty quickly. On average, it takes somebody 48 hours […]