Quiz Funnels! 3 Quizzes You Can Use to Explode the Growth of Your Email List This Year

One of the most important factors of a successful email marketing campaign is your email list. That’s why you should always have a great strategy for growing and maintaining your audience. One extremely effective way to do this is through quiz funnels! Read on to learn more about how quiz funnels can maximize the growth of your email list this year.

What is the single most important asset in your business?

Your email list.

The problem is that building a list online today is more difficult than ever before because we are in the greatest consolidation of traffic in history (thanks to Facebook and Google).

These 2 websites represent…

  • 77% of referral traffic
  • 83% of ad spend

So, how can you stand out?

By using lead-generating quizzes to capture information, grow your email list, and segment your audience.

5 Biggest Viral Quiz Mistakes

Here are the biggest and most common mistakes marketers make all the time:

Mistake #1: Following the WRONG Process

There’s a framework or blueprint to follow to make a quiz go viral:

Always start with your offer, then create the hook, and finally write the bridge.

Mistake #2: Using the WRONG Hook

Quizzes are all about the hook. Your hook needs to promise self-discovery through the quiz topic.

There are 2 parts to an effective hook:

  1. Quiz Topic
  2. Quiz Framework

The Quiz Topic is based on data. Buzzfeed found the 3-word phrases with the most Facebook shares had these words:

  • “Character Are You”
  • “X Things Only”
  • “Before You Die”

Now, you need to have the right Quiz Framework. There are 3 Quiz Frameworks:

Quiz Framework #1: The “Type” Quiz

For example, Proactiv Skincare created a quiz called, “What’s My Skin Type?”

Quiz Framework #2: The “Killer” Quiz

For example, Guitar Progress created the quiz, “What’s Your #1 Guitar Progress Killer?”

Quiz Framework #3: The “Score” Quiz

For example, PLR Content created the quiz, “Do You Know Your Authority Score?”

So, how do you decide which quiz framework to use? By testing.

Create a 4-way split test using your email list or a Facebook post. Use 4 different quiz titles as your subject line or headline.

When you learn which ones perform the best, use that as your quiz framework.

Mistake #3: Using the WRONG Questions

It’s important that you create demand for the thing you want to sell. Use the power of “micro-commitments” meaning one question per screen. Always start with a “Grease the Wheels” question (simple and easy to answer) and end with a “Lead Capture” question (asking for the email).

Mistake #4: Making the WRONG Offer

When it comes to making the offer, make sure that you are giving your audience what they need rather than what they want. Take the Band-Aid vs Cure analogy. Band-Aids give people an answer to the thing they THINK they want to solve right now (ex: a cut) while the Cure (ex: Tylenol) gives them what you know they NEED. Your quiz result delivers the Band-Aid while your offer should be delivering the Cure.

Band-Aid to Cure = Breakdown an old belief and build up a new one.

Mistake #5: Using the WRONG Tool

You want to make sure that your tool has these 6 capabilities: 

  1. Branching Logic – allows you to put your answers into different buckets based on the combinations of the answers
  2. Pixel Segmentation – allows you to pixel people taking your quiz based on every single answer
  3. Scored Quizzes – allows you to weight your answers
  4. Customized Outcome Pages – allows you to customize text and content based on the outcome of the quiz
  5. Quiz Funnel Analytics – allows you to see in-depth data
  6. Growth Tracker – allows you to see how your audience has grown

Getting Started:

Step 1: Go to Choose Quiz to study a winning quiz

Step 2: Brainstorm 5 x ideas for each framework: Type / Killer / Score

Step 3: Test HOOKS with Facebook Ads + email subject lines

Step 4: Drive Traffic to a “Deep Dive Survey”

Step 5: Build your quiz!

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