T&C is Back — Here’s What to Expect

Back in December 2020, Ryan Deiss kicked off T&C Virtual with his opening keynote Ready For Anything: Three Pillars of “Anti-Fragile” Growth and Marketing.

In this video, Ryan broke down the pillars that will sustain you through seismic market shifts also give you the competitive edge you need for massive growth.

#1 Predictability
#2 Connectivity
#3 Pivotability

When it comes to thriving in and beyond 2021, these three pillars are exactly what you need to hone in on. 


Is all about having a marketing system that generates predictable leads, predictable sales, predictable revenue, and predictable growth. That’s why at T&C, we only put proven tactics and strategies onstage. Taught by the industry’s leading experienced experts. 


Means that you’re providing value for your audience. At T&C you’ll learn how to create content that resonates with your audience so they build a connection with you. 


Is just that — the ability to pivot. Digital marketing changes fast and if you’re not up to speed on algorithm updates, privacy policy, shopping behaviors, and the latest and greatest traffic & conversion techniques, well…

You know where to find us.

Traffic & Conversion Summit 

September 13-15, 2021

What's New in 2021

The Biggest, Best, and Most Diverse Agenda Ever

T&C 2021 will have… *counts fingers*… TEN STAGES. So if you have questions about lead generation, acquisition, increasing CLV, paid media, email, content, entering into new markets, social media, partnerships, affiliates, AI, tracking & attribution, influencers, or really anything at all… We’ve got you covered.

AND, while great content has always been our strength at T&C, when it comes to diversity and inclusion… we realized we have some serious work to do. That’s why we’re committed to programming the most diverse speaker lineup we’ve ever had. Thank you for holding us accountable! We promise to keep D&I as a core value and key initiative in the years to come.

Attend In-Person OR Virtually

T&C is back LIVE and IN-PERSON at the San Diego Convention Center. The same great content and networking will have a new home with more space, better features, and more stages! 

Can’t make it onsite? No problem. Get your T&C content from the comfort of your own home with our specially curated single-track virtual ticket.

Networking Pass Content

We’re adding THREE new stages to the Expo Hall. That means if you have a networking pass, we have the same great T&C content programmed especially for you. Look out for our stage themes for Ecommerce, Agencies, and Scaling.

Health & Safety

Your safety at T&C is our TOP PRIORITY, which is why we’re implementing some important changes at the event. 

San Diego was hit hard by COVID-19, but things are looking up!
  • Nearly 60% of people are fully vaccinated, with 84% having had one dose
  • Starting June 15, all events over 5,000 WILL be allowed to go ahead with safety restrictions in place. 
We’ll be monitoring the situation and adapting to all required protocols.
Refund Policy
At T&C, we’re committed to keeping you AND your investment safe, which is why:
  • If WE have to cancel T&C you’ll receive a 100% refund.
  • If YOU need to cancel your ticket you’ll be able to receive a 50% refund, so long as you cancel up to 30 days before the event.

What’s NOT New

Content Tracks

We’re giving you the same great tracks to help you make the most out of the event.



Perfect for marketers and entrepreneurs wanting to know “What’s Next?”


Perfect for Amazon sellers and eCommerce marketers


Perfect for traffic managers, media buyers, and demand generation professionals


Perfect for digital publishers, content and search marketers, social/community managers, and email marketers


Perfect for anyone interested in chat, bots, Messenger, all forms of inbounding selling


Perfect for analysts, optimizers, and anyone on the lookout for the latest tips, tricks, and hacks


Perfect for agencies and consultants looking for tools and strategies to serve their clients and grow their practice

Showstopping Keynotes

As always, Ryan Deiss will kick us off with an inspiring marketing industry update to set the tone for another incredible year at Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Some of our past notable keynotes include Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis, Sir Richard Branson, and more! Stay tuned for this year’s celebrity announcements. 

Elite Networking
Every year, thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs descend on San Diego to learn the industry-leading and money-making strategies that will move the needle in their business. While we take pride in our on-stage content, some of the best tips and tricks can be learned from your fellow attendees. After a year+ in lockdown, now is the time to come together to let loose, rub elbows, and strike up new connections and partnerships. 

We can’t wait to see you back in San Diego (or at home!) September 13-15, 2021. 

Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] or visit our FAQ page.

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