The 7 Magic Content Pieces That Repurpose Into 1,078 Effective Social Posts

One pain point that comes up again and again for marketers? They’ve created a ton of great content, but they don’t know how to share it. This question spurred Repurpose House Founder & CEO Shaina Weisenger to start her own company to help people answer this question.

In her recent talk at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2021, Weisenger shared her strategies, insights, and best practices for repurposing content—including a recipe for generating 7 content pieces with the potential to spin off into thousands of social media posts. 

Here’s a look at what she had to say.

What Is Repurposing Content?

For social media, repurposing content means taking a short snippet of long-form content to share.

Weisenger recommends using video to do this as much as possible for one simple reason.

Video generates 1,200 percent more shares on social media than text and images combined. 

Why Repurpose Content?

To maximize your impact on social media.

Weisenger shared how to turn one blog post into 44 social media posts across six platforms, one 100-word snippet into a video, and one 25-word snippet into an image quote. 

Even better? Each has a built-in CTA driving audience members to the full blog post. 

Types of Content Types to Repurpose

There are several types of content to repurpose, including:

Video (AKA “the obvious” one)

  • Interviews
  • Webinars
  • Speaking gigs
  • Live videos
  • Testimonials
  • Course content


  • Podcast episodes (new and OLD)
  • Audiobooks


  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Paper books
  • Stats
  • Testimonials
  • Whitepapers

How to Turn One Video Into 7 Content Pieces

Weisenger also shared her method for creating seven pieces of content—with an image and video for each—from one long-form educational video.

The best part? If you set it up right, it’s already created, and you’ll get 154 social media posts out of it in seven weeks….all driving your audience back to your website. 

Before you set out to record your long-form video, you need to decide on a topic.

How do you decide on a topic? Here are some questions to think about when choosing topics for your videos.

  • What questions are you constantly asked?
  • What epic tips do you love to tell people?
  • What life hacks will your audience love?
  • What how-to’s can your audience utilize? 

Tips and Tricks for Repurposing Content…

Best Practices for Headlines

  • Use numbers—odd perform best!
  • “Will make you” in headlines
  • “This is why” headlines

Best Practices for Image Quote 

  • Images with people in them have a 95 percent increase in conversions alone
  • 25 word max
  • Make it a tactical strategy (one that is provocative and evocative)

Best Practices for Video Production

  • Film on what you’ve got—phones are fine!
  • Use good lighting (stand in front of a window)
  • Selfie-style performs well

Best Practices for Scripting 

  • Don’t use a script!
  • Use bullet points to speak off the cuff
  • This feels more conversational and organic

Best Practices for Editing

  • Use a free version
  • Or hire an editor for quicker better results

Final Tips for Repurposing Content for Social Media Engagement

  1. Square (or portrait) shapes on feed outperform everything. Why? Because they take up more space!
  2. Each platform needs the right size—it sucks, but you have to do it.
  3. Captions are a must—85 percent on Facebook/80 percent on LinkedIn scroll on mute!  (Just make sure to upload the SRT file so it’s searchable.)

If you feel like you can’t create quality content at the volume you need, repurposing may be your solution.

Weisenger’s formula and tips can help you create content that can not only be repurposed for social media, but will get the engagement and shares you need. 

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