Achieve 500% Growth Through Content Domination  

Content creation has the power to push your business to new heights, but only if it’s done right. Businesses often dream of accelerating their growth but don’t know what changes to make. At the 2024 Traffic & Conversion Summit, Justin Kavanaugh, Olympic coach and CEO of Sites at Scale, laid out a plan to make content domination a reality.

Identify the Issues

Justin explains that businesses usually have one of three problems:

  • Attention (low traffic)
  • Attraction (low conversions)
  • Accessibility (low customer?  ?experience)

These issues typically come down to a flawed approach to digital marketing. For instance, you might have low traffic because you don’t stay on top of industry trends.

Signature Solutions

The solutions to your business’s biggest problems are all about your brand. Justin identifies the signatures that every business needs:

  • Signature talk: the core presentation or piece of content that you use to attract new clients
  • Signature style: your business’s personality
  • Super signature: the concluding text in your business emails that says how you help clients
  • Signature sound: something that immediately takes people back to a memory of your brand

Putting these signatures in place makes your business recognizable and unique, so prospects know what to expect and what value you offer.

Create the Perfect Client Avatar

Justin also stresses the importance of defining your perfect client using these three rings:

  • Geographic: location
  • Demographic: factors like age, gender, and marital status
  • Psychographic: interests, opinions, and decision drivers

With this information, you can put your ads where they’ll have the biggest impact. For example, Justin recommends advertising at events that are relevant to your target audience. You’ll go beyond geographic restrictions and reach people you know are interested in your product or service.

Build a Content Domination Team

Achieving content domination requires carefully building a content team. Justin breaks it down into three segments.


The creation component is an even split between genius and skill. The genius half of this equation refers to competency and ability to entertain, while skill includes photographers, copywriters, and videographers.


Organic distribution includes email and DMs through social media platforms, whereas paid distribution uses media such as billboards. Justin suggests starting with organic before shifting to paid.


The acquisition aspect of your team is all about offers. Consider the quality of your offer, because no amount of marketing will work if you don’t have a solid offer to back it up. In addition, think about the quantity of your offers and whether you’re doing enough to keep customers coming back.

Focus on Key Features

Once assembled, your content domination team’s job is to build content that meets certain criteria:

  • Entertaining
  • Engaging
  • Motivational
  • Inspirational
  • Shareable

To maximize your content value, turn up the volume so it makes a resounding statement. Justin also advocates building a distribution network that takes work off your team’s shoulders. He created an event highlight reel featuring speakers and attendees who then shared the clips, significantly expanding the business’s reach.

Second Screens and Fan Identity

As you generate high-quality content, remember that clients rely on their mobile devices as much, or more than their desktops. As such, your content should be mobile-friendly and tailored to the right platforms. Newer social media sites like Twitch and TikTok have garnered a huge amount of attention but don’t discount well-established apps like Facebook.

Another factor to keep in mind is fan identity. Audiences are fans of individuals, such as athletes, rather than their teams. To help people connect with your brand, give them a central figure or company leader to follow and support.

Combine Story With Brand

Many business owners worry about how much they should mix their personal stories with their professional work, but Justin says putting them together is a good thing. Start by building a motivational homepage that addresses these points:

  • Problem
  • Product
  • Promise
  • Proof
  • Process

Include an attention-grabbing call-to-action (CTA) and a reference to some aspect of your personal story, such as your family, background, or hobbies. Blending your creative and business sides makes your content relatable and compelling.

Enhance Your Business With T&C Content

Justin has found enormous success through these strategies. That’s why he implements them for his clients and recommends them to entrepreneurs and agency owners worldwide. T&C 2024 featured HUNDREDS of hours of tactical content like Justin’s, and we recorded every minute so you could have easy access!!. Grab your T&C recordings to learn more about how to grow your business and achieve content domination!

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