5 Steps to Going Viral and Making 15 Minutes Last a Year

Do you want to do more with less? Do you want to make your 15 minutes of fame last a year? Yelitsa Jean-Charles is the CEO of Healthy Roots Dolls, and she has found a way to raise money for a project close to her heart, and she recently stopped by the Traffic and Conversion Summit to talk about how to make your 15 minutes of viral fame last a year.

We Need Innovation and Social Impact

If you want to be successful in the current environment, you need to be driven by something other than money, which will inspire you to do the work.

Innovation breeds success, not repetition, and innovation driven by social impact can be powerful.

Therefore, think carefully about how you present yourself and how people perceive you, as this will help you attract people to your brand.

Rules For Growing Your Brand

Some of the most important rules to keep in mind include:

  • You don’t know anything
  • Learn how to apologize
  • Time management is king
  • Measure twice and cut once

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

What do you need to do if you want to grow your brand using just a few minutes of viral fame?

ABT: Always Be Talking

Have you heard of ABC? Well, this is all about ABT! Always Be Talking.

Well, while you need to keep talking, you need to keep talking about what you’re passionate about! That way, you can capitalize on the information to share with your target market. Know what you know, and know what you don’t know!

You don’t always have to jump on the latest trend. You need to find the ones that are most valuable to you and your customer base. This will help you grow your brand. “

Eventually, if you keep talking about what’s important to you, something will go viral.

Capitalizing on Going Viral

Great, so you’ve gone viral. Now what? A few key points to remember include:

  • Is your website actually READY to take orders?
  • Are your popups actually WORKING on all platforms?
  • Do you have a LIVE CHAT system ready to help your customers?
  • Have you filled out your FAQs page?
  • Do you have clear CONTACT info?

People have short attention spans.

You need to keep them when you have them. Make the process as easy as possible for them. If they cannot place their orders immediately, they might not come back.

Finally, do not forget about your direct messages and new followers.

Email Marketing and Earned Media

People want to talk to you. Make sure you TALK BACK. Is your email system ready to capture new sign-ups? Make sure you respond to them!

Furthermore, make sure you think about your media appearances carefully. Vet the channel, create documents to answer questions carefully, and don’t forget to share your interviews on your social media accounts! This will help you create a loop that you can use to ride the wave and make those few minutes of viral fame last a lifetime!

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