3 Keys to Market In a “Post-Digital” World

Are you struggling to generate traffic in the new normal?

Ryan Deiss, CEO of DigitalMarketer.com spoke on how to market in a “post-digital world” at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2021. 

And it’s not that digital is behind us. It’s that digital is the new normal. And when everything is digital — nothing is digital.

So what does that mean?

The vast majority of people are spending far more per click than they were a year ago, and you probably are too. This is a sign that digital marketing is growing. Sure, a lot of this is driven by pandemic shifts, with people using the internet more often than they were before. A click is going to cost you double no matter where you’re getting it. 

Oh, and it’s been getting worse. After the Apple iOS 14 update, 96 percent of users opted out of Facebook tracking. Third-party cookies are heading out the door. 

So, you might be thinking you’ll shift to organic search. You’ll get your traffic for free instead, right? Sadly, the number one ranking for most searches has been moved so far down the fold, sitting beneath images, videos, and “people also ask.”

50 percent of would-be clicks for the top hits are now going to “position zero,” or the featured snippet at the top of the page! 

What are you going to do?

#1 Everything Is Changing, but What Will Not Change?

When your tactics fail, you need to flee to first principles, which are the fundamental concepts upon which your theory or assumptions have been based. What is not going to change?

Digital marketers have capitalized on things that are changing, but if you want to build a successful business, you need to capitalize on things that do not change.

Things like — the power of compelling copy. Good copywriting articulates the transformation from an undesirable “before” state, to a desirable “after” state. 

Remember that copy cannot create a desire for a product. It will only take existing desires and focus them on an existing product. 

Desire is not created. It is channeled. 

So, what core desire will YOU channel? Have you NAMED what your audience wants from you?

#2 The Elements of Value Pyramid

If you haven’t studied it, you should. This was published in the Harvard Business Review in 2016.

Keep in mind — this is what is NOT changing. What are the ways that we, as humans, express value?

Some have functional value. Others have emotional value. Some have a social impact.

There are dozens of elements of value.

What you should do is take a look at these elements, see where the desire of your target market falls, and focus on that.

#3 Move Along the Value Journey

Finally, you should take that value and find a way to help your target market move along a journey. Make your audience AWARE of what’s happening. Make them aware of the desire. Engage with them and use their attention to promote and advocate for your product or service. THAT is how you can market more effectively in the post-digital world.

Even though the digital world is changing quickly, some things will not change. If you can focus on the value you provide, you can increase your conversion rates.

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