13 AI Tools and Strategies That Will Blow Your Mind and Explode Your Sales  

Every time you turn around, there’s a new AI tool to enhance digital marketing. The challenge is finding the ones that actually work. At the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit, Roland Frasier, Co-Founder of DigitalMarketer and creator of an award-winning podcast, described 13 AI tools and strategies that can generate massive sales and upgrade your efficiency.

1. Automated Video Shorts

Roland tried out 3 AI content tools to make short videos. He uploaded a long-form video to each one and evaluated the quality of the clips it produced.


Munch uses the transcript of your video to conduct keyword research. Unfortunately, Roland reported that it came up with generic keywords and bland videos.


Vidyo is similar to Munch, but it has better editing capabilities. While it performed slightly better, it still produced boring videos.

Opus Clip

Opus Clip may have limited options, but it uses a powerful algorithm to create compelling videos. It’s also the least expensive option.

2. Automated Newsletter Content

Roland also created, posted, and sent blogs and newsletters using 6 AI tools:

Zapier was a critical component of his process because he could create pathways and complete multiple steps at once.

The most difficult aspect of automating newsletter content was perfecting the formatting. Fortunately, finding the right prompt resulted in content that didn’t require any manual changes.

3. AI-Generated Podcasts

Producing a regular podcast can get exhausting, so Roland produced episodes with these AI tools:

For interview-based episodes, he prompted ChatGPT to develop a script featuring an engaging conversation between two people.

4. AI-Generated Books

To write books, Roland relied on ChatGPT. He created individual chapters until he had a full-length book. When the writing was complete, Roland used Midjourney to generate the cover. Finally, he refined and customized the content with QuillBot, Grammarly, and Originality.ai.

5. AI-Generated Personal Branding Courses

Roland used several AI tools to build engaging and educational branding courses:

These tools allow you to quickly and easily create avatars, scripts, and follow-up emails.

6. AI-Generated Ringless Voicemails

Roland again used ElevenLabs to create ringless voicemails to send directly to prospects. With this approach, you don’t have to wait for someone in your business to sit down and record new content.

7. AI-Generated Audiobooks

You can harness the power of AI to make audiobooks, as well. Roland narrated one of his published books with ElevenLabs, which can customize the audio speed and change pronunciation.

8. AI-Generated Quizzes

Manually creating quizzes as lead magnets for a scaling business gets tedious. Roland used ChatGPT to simplify the process and generate questions. He placed them in a .CSV file and connected it to Canva, which automatically created the quiz.

9. AI Agents

Beyond leveraging AI for content, try using it to interact with prospects or customers. Roland used Air.AI and his new venture, AIifyMyBusiness, to create AI agents. These agents interacted with prospects, overcame objections, and booked appointments.

10. Clones of Yourself

If you want to use your face and voice in personal messages but don’t have the time to record them, consider AI. Roland sent thousands of personalized emails using HeyGen, which can also translate videos into other languages without clumsy overdubs.

11. AI Virtual Influencers

Roland recommended a variety of tools to create AI-generated social media influencers:

There’s clear evidence that AI influencers can develop a major social media following. For example, Aitana Lopez has more than 290,000 followers on Instagram.

12. Building GPT Tools

OpenAI’s GPTs allows you to create your own AI tools without being tied to the GPT store. For example, Roland created an AI Bulk Deal Scraper that extracts contact details.

13. Free Offline Models

If you’re running out of tokens on ChatGPT, use LM Studio to run offline language models on your computer. The output quality is nearly identical, and you have a choice of many different open-source models.

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