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Why The T&C 2022 Masterclasses?

After surveying our attendees we realized that Traffic & Conversion Summit 2022 needs more beginner-level content. So we have created Masterclasses that are designed specifically to meet the needs of founders and entrepreneurs, who don’t yet specialize in marketing but are responsible for all marketing for their business and products.

These attendees are looking for beginner-level content, as well as quick tips, tricks, and solutions that can be applied quickly and effectively. These Masterclasses are all about ushering in a new generation of marketing gurus that will grow and lead the new era of marketing and technology… and this is YOUR CHANCE to help!

Our brand new “beginner” Masterclasses will focus on 3 key areas:




These Masterclasses are your chance to provide the content and solutions for the thousands of attending founders and entrepreneurs looking to up their marketing game!

The Masterclasses will be the go-to place for attendees to go to:

  • Connect with specific audience members
  • Access exclusive content designed just for them
  • Find business and marketing solutions (that DON’T require a lot of background knowledge!)

What's Included In The T&C Masterclass Track Sponsorship?

The T&C Masterclasses will take place in our bustling exhibition hall with consistent foot traffic… meaning that it is going to be BUSY! 

As well as having a PREMIUM location by sponsoring the Masterclass track you’ll also get:

  • Branding on the Masterclass stage
  • The same great T&C content and speakers programmed by our team
  • The chance to bring your own speakers for up to 2 sessions 

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T&C 2022 is taking place at the San Diego Convention Center which is in the San Diego Marina. You can expect an easy to navigate event with a lot of room for networking and learning!

The SDCC is known for its incredible panoramic views of San Diego Bay and is also conveniently located to many restaurants as well as the historic Gaslamp Quarter – making it easy for you to arrange those after hours networking events!