The Top 5 Questions These Business Leaders Are Asking Themselves

We asked 6 Millionaire Founders what their biggest priorities were when looking to scale their companies, and what questions they ask themselves about their business’ future. Their answers give us an insight into the strategic and tactical thinking behind some of the largest businesses and agencies out there… 

“What are the top 5 questions you ask yourself when you are looking to scale and grow your company?”

Alisha Conlin-Hurd, Co-Founder, Persuasion Experience:

1. What is my goal of scaling?  

2. Why is it my goal?  

3. Do I actually want to scale? Or am I optimizing for the ego?  

4. What do I want to scale? Profits? Team?  

5. What does growth actually mean?

Kasim Aslam, Founder & CEO, Solutions 8: 

Can I? Should I? Will I? If the answer to all three is “yes” then: Who is my who? How do we 10x not 2x?  

Aaron Parkinson, CEO, 7 Mile Media: 

Am I building this to sell? How quickly can I fire myself from my current role? Do people love working here and feel like there is a future for them? How strong is our communication with our customers? What can we automate so mistakes never happen? 

Sara Margulis, CEO Honeyfund: 

What are the growth levers? What resources do we need to pull them? How will we know if we succeeded? What are our competitors doing differently? What doors are tech innovations opening for us? 

Aleric Heck, Founder, AdOutreach: 

What am I really selling/marketing? (not what I do but what our clients need) What am I doing now that I can improve? What am I currently doing that I should stop doing? What am I not doing that I should start doing? What lessons have I learned from my mistakes? 

Tyler Denk, Co-founder & CEO, beehiiv: 

What are we not doing well enough? Where are we losing in the market? What is something we aren’t prioritizing but should be? If we wanted to 10x next year what would need to happen? Do we have the right people in the right seats to accomplish what we need to?  

“What questions do you ask yourself when you think about your business’ future?”

Alisha Conlin Hurd, Co-Founder, Persuasion Experience: 

I think about how my business should help me to live the life I want, and how can I structure my business & profits to create the life I want. 

Kasim Aslam, Founder & CEO, Solutions 8: 

What’s the drill and what’s the hole? If you’re selling the drill, you’re aiming to be disrupted. If you’re selling the hold, you’re the disruptor. 

Aaron Parkinson, CEO, 7 Mile Media: 

Am I still happy? How could I be happier? How could I make my customer happier? 

Sara Margulis, CEO Honeyfund: 

How will AI change the way people give gifts? 

Aleric Heck, Founder, AdOutreach: 

How can I align the success and impact between our clients, our team, and the company overall? I believe that when you create a win-win-win– that’s what ultimately creates the best success, and what I ask myself every day. 

Tyler Denk, Co-founder & CEO, beehiiv: 

What do we need to do to be the undisputed leader in our industry? 

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