The Ecommerce Ad Amplifier™: How to Scale Your Campaigns, Sell More Physical Products, & Double Your ROI with Facebook & Instagram Ads

Selling physical products comes with its fair share of challenges, but an effective advertising strategy can make all the difference. While there are a variety of tactics out there, the Ecommerce Ad Amplifier™ is proven to scale your product campaigns and double your ROI with Facebook and Instagram ads. This playbook of tried and true methods from Tier 11’s Ralph Burns will help you drive serious results. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

When it comes to a product, there are 6 levels of consumer awareness:

1. Unaware of the problem

2. Problem aware
3. Solution aware
4. Product aware

5. Most aware
6. Completely aware

Each of these levels of awareness needs to be advertised to in a different way.

The Ecommerce Ad Amplifier™  

Each traffic level is segmented based on buyer intent. Furthermore, each level responds best to specific ad templates.

All ad level templates should:

  1. Start with movement
  2. Show your brand/logo within the first 6 seconds
  3. Be formatted for mobile

Let’s break down each level with its tailored ad templates.

Level 1: Cold Traffic

There are 8 different ad templates used at Level 1 of the Ecommerce Ad Amplifier™. It’s not necessary to implement all 8 of these into your marketing strategy, but these are the most popular ones used at Tier 11.It’s important that you choose the template that best fits your product and customer base.

Unaware: Your prospect has no knowledge of anything, except her own identity or opinion.

Problem Aware: Our prospect senses she has a problem, but she doesn’t know there’s a solution.

Level 1 Ad Templates

  • Show Me Video:
    • 60 second video ad built for mobile
    • Question › Fast Motion › Benefit › Benefit › Benefit CTA
  • 100% Proof Video:
    • Motion › Proof › Why › Proof › Credibility
    • Ex: Hair growth technology with statements from medical professionals
  • Trojan Horse Tutorial Video:
    • Giving an instant experience of the product
    • Motion › Title › Explain › Steps › Show How + Benefits › CTAs › After State CTA
  • Pure Education Video:
    • Motion/product › Benefits › Credibility › Educate › Benefits › Testimonials CTAs
  • Big Benefits Video:
    • 5 benefits of the desired end state you want your customer to experience
    • Motion/product › Demo › Benefits › Demo › What’s included › Branding CTA
  • Pure Pitch Video:
    • Motion/product › Product in use › Product in use › Product in use › Deal (discount code)
    • Discount codes make your audience feel like they are part of the process
  • Product Demo Video:
    • Before state › After state › Product demo › Show progress › After CTA
  • Teach & Pitch Video:
    • Teach the audience something using your product
    • Motion › Teach › Pitch
  • Aspirational Images
  • After State Slideshows:
    • Before and after hair pictures
    • After state › After state › Product image › After state › After CTA
  • After State Images:
    • Before and after hair pictures

Level 2: Engage and Page Views

At this level in the product campaign, people have watched a certain percentage of your video and possibly even clicked through to your site. This is your lightly engaged audience. For example, they’ve opened up your Instagram experience or lead ad.

Solution aware: Your prospect knows that solutions are there but doesn’t know which one is right for them.

Level 2 Ad Templates

  • Testimonial Videos:
    • Moving branding › Testimonial overlay › Product video shots › Brand CTA
    • Always include a text overlay, Facebook videos are most often watched without sound
  • Aspirational After State Videos:
    • After state/motion › Benefits › Product image › After states › CTA with offer
  • Deal Videos:
    • Moving product › Tagline › Product video shots › BOGO deal › Brand CTA
  • Promo Code Videos
  • Objection Killer Videos:
    • Call out the largest objections consumers would have against purchasing
  • Big Benefits Dynamic Product Ad:
    • Use lifestyle images, not just product images
  • Review Videos:
    • Amazon reviews, use star rating
    • For example, 5-Star Rating “Unboxing” Videos
  • Testimonial Reminder Images

Level 3: View Content

Remember to speak to your customers differently depending on their level of awareness. In Level 3, your audience should be seeing reminder ads for related products they’ve already engaged with.

Product Aware: Your prospect knows what you sell but isn’t sure if it’s right for them.

Level 3 Ad Templates

  • Reminder Dynamic Product Ad:
    • What can you say to turn them into a purchaser?
    • Give a quick nudge to reinforce their engagement
  • “Thinking About It?” Ads:
    • Are you thinking about the X product? Here’s a video that shows the feature of product X
    • Use video ads from Level 2

Level 4: Add to Cart

At Level 4, your consumer is so close to making a purchase. It’s extremely important that the messaging you give this audience inspires them to take that final action and become lifelong customers.

Most Aware: Your prospect knows your product and just needs a reason to buy.

Level 4 Ad Templates

  • Abandoned Cart Messenger Ads
    • “You forget something?”
  • Dynamic Product Ad
    • “You left something”
  • Dynamic Product Ad
    • “You ready?”
  • Dynamic Product Ad
    • “We haven’t seen you”
  • Dynamic Product Ad
    • “Come back and shop”
  • Dynamic Product Ad
    • FAQ Videos

Level 5: Purchases      

Last, but certainly not least, are your Level 5 audience members. These are your purchasers—finally! These are customers who’ve already bought your product and should see messaging reminding them to purchase again, restock, or become a VIP.

Completely Aware: They are now a customer again, and they just need a reason to buy again.

Level 5 Ad Templates

  • Restock Dynamic Product Ad:
    • Did you forget to restock on X product?
    • Show in the amount of time it takes for a consumer to use the product
  • Product Videos:
    • Cross-sell Product A and Product B
    • Show a video of Product B
  • Reorder Dynamic Product Ad Cross-Sell Dynamic Product Ad

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