Steal These Campaigns: 3 Proven Marketing Campaigns To ‘Swipe and Deploy’ In Your Business   

No matter what kind of business you run, steal these marketing campaigns to ‘Swipe and Deploy’ and they will help you deliver the right message to the right person at the perfect time.

Of course, it can feel like it’s a lot easier said than done to deliver your message correctly – especially given the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to come up with campaigns in our fast-paced modern world. 

This is the secret that a lot of savvy marketers already know – you don’t NEED to come up with unique campaigns every time you launch a new product or promote a new service. In fact, there are three proven marketing campaigns that you can ‘swipe and deploy’ for your own business, increasing how effectively you’re able to communicate with your target audience in an instant. 

Swipe and Deploy Campaign #1: “I Want That!” 

The first proven campaign that you can swipe and deploy for your business has been appropriately dubbed the ‘I Want That!’ campaign. It targets people at the top of the funnel who are ready to buy and are enthusiastic about it. 

  1. First, you need to engage and probe for clarity by sending out messaging that asks questions like “Are you still…?” and “Can you tell me more about..?”. Next, you can help sort people into more actionable categories based on ‘this or that’ questions. You might be surprised by how much you can find out about someone by posing simple questions like “Are you more focused on X or Y?” or “What’s more important now, X or Y?”. 

  1. Then, you can ascend – you send this person final, urgent messaging that gets them to take your desired next step. This can be to book a meeting with one of your representatives, to buy a product or service, or anything else that is important to your brand. 

Swipe and Deploy Campaign #2: Prime the Pump 

This particular campaign is a great opportunity to target people who may still be on the fence – but who would also easily make a purchase if prodded in the right way. 

Here, you’ll want to begin your messaging by showing that you know the person in question. Use statements like “I’ve been there, too…” and other language that shows how you fixed a problem, solved a challenge, or discovered something that they are also focused on. 

  1. Then, continue the relationship by helping them review their options. You could say things like “conventional wisdom would tell you that [insert competing solution here], but that is NOT the solution you want if [insert desired result here].” This is again a great way to show people that you understand what their needs are and how you can rise to the challenge of meeting them. 

  1. Finally, to properly prime the proverbial pump you’ll want to use the opportunity to outline why you’re different. There may be other brands who do what you do – but nobody does it quite like how you do it. You’ll want to show them that even more so than the purchase itself, what they’re really investing in is a relationship with your brand. You are the business that can solve their problems, answer their questions and address their concerns both now and in the future. 

Swipe and Deploy Campaign #3: Ready Now? 

The final marketing tool to ‘Swipe and Deploy’ we have the appropriately named the ‘Ready Now?’ campaign. This, too, is targeted at getting people who are ready for the idea of a purchase, but who may need a bit of additional prodding to get them to take that next step. 

Here, you’ll begin by getting people to acknowledge that which you already know is true – otherwise known as getting them to raise their hand. Ask questions like “Are you an [ideal customer]?” and “Which best describes you?”. 

  1. Then, get people to choose their own journey. Unqualified prospects can see your lower ticket offerings and are greeted with a message along the lines of “Congratulations, you’ve unlocked a special offer.” This helps create an additional incentive that drives them towards action. 

  1. At that point, the final step involves selling in private. Don’t make a big spectacle out of it – this should be a one-on-one affair. Qualified prospects never see those lower ticket offerings, so they’re unaware of the exceptional deal that others are getting to motivate them to purchase.  

When you lean into these three proven digital marketing campaigns outlined above, everybody wins. This is certainly true for your customers, who get more relevant and actionable content via email marketing than ever. But this is especially true for your business thanks to the increased sales that you enjoy as a result. 

If you use these marketing campaigns to ‘Swipe and Deploy’ tried and tested methods you are sure to create engaging and ultimately successful ads. Good luck!

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