How We’re Successfully Scaling 9-Figure Companies Post-iOS Update

Often, companies have to pivot. That’s not just true of small businesses. RadioShack, BlackBerry, Gamestop are all companies that need to adapt to a new digital world. When scaling a business online, there’s a strategy involved. Many are concerned that this strategy has been disrupted by recent iOS updates. 

We’ll show you why that isn’t necessarily true.

Scaling Your Business Online

Scaling a business online doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the basic blueprint is pretty easy. Craft a great offer. Build a funnel. Collect data. Select the right ad platform. And then start building your traffic. 

Enough blogs have been written on the topic of digital marketing—while there are intricacies there, it’s all about creating a process and then getting people in the digital door.

Creating a Ridiculous Offer

What’s an offer that’s just “too good” to pass up? For a lot of people, it was Olive Garden’s endless breadbasket. A ridiculous offer tips your customer over the point of no return. It’s low risk (often guaranteed) to them, delivers something remarkable, and delivers it at a price that’s worth paying.

And there has to be a sense of urgency.

When you create this ridiculous offer, you need to make sure you’re not offering so much that you’re hurting yourself. And you need to be creative. When Warby Parker, an online glasses company, started out, they knew that the major pain point was that customers were really worried about buying glasses “sight unseen.”

So, they sent five pairs of frames for them to try on. For the customer, the benefit was there and the pain point was eradicated. For the company, it was really a minimal cost to get a customer for life.

Selling on the Back-End

Once you have a customer hooked, what you want to do is sell on the back-end. Premium services, add-ons. Selling to existing customers is much cheaper, more rewarding, and more likely to develop a customer relationship.

There’s a reason why there are “Costco families.” Because people start to develop an equitable relationship with Costco in which they want to try more services and buy more products. Your goal should always be to envelop your customer with all the services that you can deliver.

Scaling Companies Post-iOS

Now, the elephant in the room. iOS no longer supports widescale advertising tracking. And a lot of other companies are going the same route. Soon, advertisers aren’t going to be able to target most people for direct advertising.

But there’s an exception. Social media ads. Ads like Facebook don’t require tracking through cookies because they already know everything there is to know about their customers.

Facebook, Instagram, even Twitter; these are places that you can post your ads and target them toward key demographics without having to track them. These are areas that are not going to be sabotaged by the iOS update.

The iOS update doesn’t change the core strategy of scaling 9-Figure companies. The value propositions and pain point mitigation still have to be the same. What the ioS update did was change advertising venues. Now, it’s not going to be as profitable to advertise on the Google marketplace. Ads are going to shift toward other markets. And it’ll be better for most companies to make that shift as early as possible.  

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