How To Write an Amazon Bestseller 

Written by Robert Glazer, Acceleration Partners

To guide you on this journey, here are my seven top tips for launching a bestseller on Amazon: 

Tip #1

Write a Great Book: Crafting a great book is the foundation of your success as an author. While it may seem obvious, too many aspiring authors and digital marketing gurus are too immersed in marketing their book even before they’ve put pen to paper. Your book should be the stage upon which you showcase your expertise. Use case studies to share real-world examples, interview experts to provide a diverse range of insights, and ultimately, let your book do the selling for you. The more your marketing book can stand on its own merit, the less you will need to resort to hard selling or boasting about its content. 

Tip #2

Offer A $.99 E-book During Launch Week: With a marketing book, the primary objective is to get your book into as many hands as possible, not necessarily to maximize revenue from the book sales. A $.99 e-book during launch week acts as a compelling incentive, encouraging quick purchases. If you’re self-publishing, this is a straightforward process; however, for those with traditional publishers, this requires an in-depth conversation in advance. Remember to utilize discount book e-mail lists like BookBub and Bargain Booksy, aligning your promotional schedule to coincide with your launch week. 

Tip #3

Call in Your Favors: Every connection in your network can be a potential ally in your promotional campaign. Leverage these relationships and use the goodwill you’ve established with your marketing friends. Encourage them to spread the word about your book via their email lists during your launch week. Well-crafted newsletters can significantly amplify your visibility and reach, driving your launch’s momentum. 

Tip #4

Get Booked on Podcasts: Podcasts have risen in popularity as a medium for sharing ideas and promoting products. Strive to be featured on these platforms to talk about your book and your journey. Be proactive and use the many podcast booking services available. It’s worth mentioning that you should aim for shows with more than 1,000 downloads per episode to maximize your reach. Remember to plan these bookings in advance, so your episode can coincide with your launch week or shortly after. 

Tip #5

Speaking Packages: Take advantage of speaking opportunities to promote your book. Offer to speak at conferences if they agree to purchase a certain number of your books during launch week. Alternatively, if the conference does not offer paid speaking engagements, consider offering to speak for free if they distribute your book to attendees. Conferences such as Traffic & Conversion Summit are always looking for speakers with credibility and who can add value to the audience.  

Tip #6

Don’t Jump the Gun: It’s not uncommon for eager authors to reach out for promotional assistance too early. This can often result in reduced urgency and the need for repeated reminders. Unless your contact needs advanced notice for planning or to include your book in their newsletter, it’s often best to reach out on the launch date with your request. 

Tip #7

Make It Easy for Others: Make it as easy as possible for others, especially other marketing gurus to promote your book. Prepare a comprehensive ‘social kit’ as a google doc with ready-to-use text and images for social media, newsletters, and other promotional platforms that can be cut and paste. This kit, shared on launch day, will make promoting your book almost effortless. 

The journey to writing an Amazon bestseller is not an easy one. It requires strategic planning, meticulous execution, and continuous effort. It’s about creating a compelling narrative that resonates with readers, expanding your reach and influence, and leaving a lasting impact on your readers. 

By writing a great book and implementing the tactics outlined above, you will not only reach bestseller status but solidify your reputation as a thought leader in the marketing industry. Again, the true success of a book for your business is never measured by revenue, but by the number of people who get to read, appreciate, and learn from it. A bestselling book is more than just a bestseller badge – it’s a platform that can fundamentally enhance your credibility and grow your influence. 

For more insights on how to stand out in the world of marketing, with actionable insights to propel your business to new heights, make sure to attend the next Traffic and Conversion Summit!

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