How to Use AI to Write Your Next Ad

Are you one of those “accidental marketers” who struggle with writing effective Facebook ads? Don’t worry if you are because you’re not alone! 

Writing ad copy that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions is daunting and requires a certain level of writing skill. But thanks to AI – it’s now easier than ever to create ads that grab attention and drive results. 

In this post, we’ll learn how to use AI to write your next ad. But first, let’s look at some challenges in creating effective FB ads. 

Roadblocks To Crafting Compelling FB Ads 

Writing Facebook ad copy that engages and converts customers comes with a steep learning curve. You need to balance the right amount of detail with persuasiveness and generate content that resonates with your target audience. 

Some common struggles that every beginner marketer or DIY startup founder faces include: 

  • Understanding audience preferences: Identifying your target audience and crafting copy that speaks to them can be a challenge. 

Problem: You have to spend hours researching and creating the ideal customer profile (ICP) before you can start writing. 

  • Limited ad space: With around 25 characters in your headline and 120 characters in your description, you have to make your words count. 

Problem: Not everyone is gifted with the magic of words. Crafting compelling headlines and descriptions within the limited ad space can be tricky. 

  • A/B testing: Testing ad copy and visuals can consume a lot of time, effort, and money without a guarantee of success. 

Problem: You have to test multiple permutations and observe the results over time before you can make any improvements. Unfortunately, startup founders and small business owners don’t have the time or money for multiple rounds of A/B testing. 

So, how do you overcome these challenges and create effective FB ads? The answer lies in artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI-powered tools can help you craft ad copy that resonates with your target audience, capture their attention, and drive conversions. 

Let’s look at some practical ways to leverage AI for your FB ads. 

AI Tools To Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence tools can help you overcome the hurdles and write better Facebook ads. Below are some of the best AI practices and actionable tips on using AI for paid ads on FB: 

Use AI for Audience Analysis 

With AI-powered audience analysis, you can learn the preferences of your target audience, what posts they engage with, and what type of language resonates with them. 

For example, when creating Facebook ads with Revealbot, you can use features like the “Interest Targeting” tool, which identifies the interests of your Facebook page followers and builds lookalike audiences based on that data. 

Write Ad Variations With AI 

AI writing tools like Jasper, ChatGPT,, and many others can cut your writing time in half and help you create multiple variations of your ad copy in minutes. 

However, you still need to know your target audience well. How to leverage AI for that? 

You can use AI tools like ChatGPT or Jasper Chat for audience research and gain further insight into your potential customers. 

Some examples of effective prompts for research are: 

  • What inner dialogues [target audience] have with themselves who suffer from [problem]
  • What is the emotional damage [problem] could cause to [target audience]
  • What are the emotional benefits [target audience] can achieve with [problem-free] life? 

Once you have sufficient research data, just input your target audience and the objective of your ad, and these AI-powered bots will generate amazing ad copy for you. 

However, if you also need catchy graphics with your Facebook ads copy, is worth checking out. It lets you create complete ad creatives with copy and graphics. 

Just input your target audience, and the tool will create the most compelling copy in a creative tone within minutes.  

Use AI-Enabled A/B Testing 

A/B testing is an essential part of optimizing Facebook ads. With the help of AI, you can gather faster insights into how your ads perform with different audiences. 

For example, Facebook’s split testing tool (inside the Ads Manager) uses machine learning and automatically tests variations of your ad, audience, or delivery optimization to find the combination that delivers the best results. 

While Facebook’s algorithm can do the A/B testing job for you, you would still need two or more ad versions to test. 

This is again where an AI writing tool can help you write FB ads faster at scale. 

So, what does it all tell you? 

Transform Your Advertising Strategy! 

If you’re looking to supercharge your Facebook ad campaigns, start leveraging AI tools today! 

They can save time, enhance efficiency, and unlock valuable insights that drive better results. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Start using AI-powered audience analysis to understand your target audience better. 
  • Craft compelling ad variations within seconds. 
  • Experiment with different copy, visuals, and audience targeting to find the winning combination. 

Remember, as a marketer, your ad campaign success lies in understanding your audience and continuously learning from data-driven optimizations. 

So, seize the opportunity and start harnessing the power of AI in your advertising campaigns. 

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Ultimate Guide to AI

In this guide, Dan Batsford, Head of Industry at Google, shares his best-in-class AI approach for lead generation. PLUS we’ll also share 23 cutting-edge AI tools that you can use to propel your business forward – YES 23!

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