How To Secure Your Spot On Stage at T&C 2024 

Traffic and Conversion Summit is one of the most highly regarded digital marketing events in the world, bringing together founders of start ups and digital marketing agency owners. If you’re an expert in digital marketing, you’ll likely want to secure your spot onstage at T&C 2024, here’s how…

Research the event

To secure your spot onstage at T&C 2024 make sure you’ve taken the time to research Traffic & Conversion Summit. Understand who attends, the topics covered in the past as well who’s spoken on stage. This is vital in ensuring your expertise and topic aligns perfectly with Traffic and Conversion Summit’s aims. This year T&C 2024 speakers will be covering the below topic tracks… 

  • Paid Traffic   
  • Content & SEO   
  • Email & Automation   
  • Ecommerce & DTC   
  • AI   
  • Agencies Only   
  • Social & Influencer Marketing   
  • Tools & Tactics 

If you’re an expert in one of these then you’re one step closer to becoming a speaker!

The Ultimate T&C Speaker Guidelines 

T&C is known for its excellent speaker lineup over the years, developed through the speaker entry guidelines that ensure all content is of the highest quality. To be considered a speaker at T&C 2024 you need to ensure that your session has the below quality factors:

Covers a solution to a challenge based on one of the tracks as shown above

  • It’s SO important that you’re tackling a challenge that the audience not only wants a solution to but NEEDS a solution for!

Solutions discussed are proven and are based on real-life examples and case studies  

  • You need to show your audience that the solution actually works through your own successes with these. Real life examples and case studies prove that this is a solution the audience can trust

Follows a clear playbook on how to solve the problem you are addressing and provide a free download, blueprint or toolkit 

  • Not only do you want to prove to your audience that your solutions work, you want to help them implement that straight into their own businesses. The best T&C speakers share tools and tactics vital to the audience’s success

Provide immediate value

  • The T&C audience want solutions now!

Ultimately helps the audience save time AND money

  • The principal goal of everyone in the audience will be to save time and money, make sure your presentation outlines exactly HOW this is achieved

Example Presentation

Want to know what a great session looks like? Below is an example of a great presentation delivered at T&C 2023 by Ryan Deiss:

Title: ‘The State of Digital Marketing: What’s In, What’s Out, and the 3 Things You Absolutely MUST Do To Win as a Marketer in 2023’

Presentation Outline:

  • Shares survey results on the industry
  • Shares why certain market trends are gone
  • Explains why the landscape is evolving
  • Describes and explains his tried (and proven) ‘flipping the funnel’ technique
  • Shares sources to find out more

This presentation was a hit, but only because it ticks ALL the these criteria:

  • It provides a solution to a known industry challenge

  • The content is proven

  • It provides clear actionable takeaways

  • It either includes or links a tool or tactic (case study, template, toolkit, checklist, swipe file or how-to-blueprint)

  • Ultimately it helps the reader save time and/or money 

  • It helps increase customer acquisition and/or retention

  • It provides immediate value

  • It cuts through the noise

  • It is tech agnostic

If you believe your session would tick all of the above points, you are a GREAT candidate, please apply!

Secure your spot onstage at T&C 2024 – Speaker Application Submission Tips 

Just a few final tips to ensure you submit the best application:

  • Ensure your session title is compelling and shows exactly what will be covered in the session
  • Your description should highlight how the problem you are tackling can be solved as well as highlighting your unique perspective
  • Provide 3 highly strategic takeaways from your session – think through how YOU can add value to the audience and event
  • Do not forget to proof read your application carefully before submitting

Secure your spot onstage at T&C 2024 by – Submitting your proposal

If you think you have what it takes to speak at T&C 2024 and you can tick ALL the criteria for an excellent presentation, please apply to speak here!

Hopefully this article has been helpful – securing a speaker slot at Traffic and Conversion Summit requires careful planning and preparation. By following the above steps you can massively increase your chances of being selected as a speaker. Good luck! 

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