How to Scale Your Business to 7-8+ Figures with Laser-Targeted YouTube Ads  

Learning how to scale your business to 7-8+ figures by achieving optimal results in digital marketing and advertising can be quite challenging for business and agency owners. The ever-evolving landscape of technology and shifting consumer behavior adds to the complexity of the task. It’s crucial to overcome these challenges and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in lead generation and marketing strategies.

To help you, we’ve gathered some essential tips and tricks from Traffic & Conversion Summit and CEO + Founder of AdOutreach, Aleric Heck. These ideas will teach you how to take control of your advertising strategy with YouTube Ads and scale your business up to meet your growth goals.

Why You Should Advertise on YouTube

With increasing competition in advertising, the cost of Google Ads and Facebook ads has skyrocketed. However, an underutilized platform is YouTube and YouTube Ads. The cost of YouTube Ads and the unparalleled ways to target specific audiences allows you to capture more leads and gain more revenue than on other ad platforms.

YouTube is a powerful platform that can be utilized for business if you understand the strategy behind ad campaigns. And now is the best time to get on the ground floor of YouTube advertising before it reaches the level of competition of other ad platforms.

Craft a Winning Video Ad Script

In order to succeed on YouTube, you need a unique and proven strategy. You want to hook watchers and set the stage for your ad. Then you want to provide value to your viewers and give them a simple call to action that can easily be completed within the platform. And you don’t need fancy equipment or expensive cameras in order to accomplish this. You can use simple gimbal equipment and an iPhone to create a native ad that works.

The “3D YouTube Ads” Targeting Method

The secret behind the success of YouTube Ads is using 3-dimensional advertising. Rather than the 2 dimensions of Facebook, which only considers demographics and interests, YouTube includes intent, which is the video targeting capabilities of YouTube. That allows you to make sure that your ads are reaching the right person at the right time, which is essential for gathering hot leads and finding people who are primed and ready to interact with your business.

The “Bullseye” YouTube Ads Optimization System

The sweet spot for all advertising is finding the right person who has the ability to purchase from you at the right time and giving them the right message. In order to find that bullseye, you need to optimize your targeting and dive down into the specifics of targeting on YouTube Ads.

To begin, you need to optimize the demographics you are looking for. That means nailing down the customer profile you are looking for. It also includes having clear geographical targets so you aren’t advertising to people who can’t purchase from you. You also should get specific about the household income of the people you target, so you know they can afford your services or high-ticket items.

You can then move to optimizing the interests of your ideal audience by making sure to target their affinities with keywords and custom intent tags. You also need to think about the intent of your audience and find the broad and specific keywords that apply to them. You can use both YouTube channel keywords and competitor keyword research to help determine what topics they are interested in and what their specific affinities are so you know they are the right target for your ad approach.

The OmniPresent Retargeting Machine

There is another important factor of YouTube Ads, which is omnipresent retargeting. This means that people who see your profiles on social media platforms or through email are continually shown your ads. By focusing on these ideal targets who are in your funnel but aren’t clients, you can begin cross-targeting them on all your social media and ad platforms, including YouTube. This allows you to tap into your already defined ideal audience and gently pressure them until they interact with your business.

Achieve 7-8 Figure Business from YouTube Ads

Becoming successful with YouTube Ads requires a strong strategy and dedication to improving your approach. You need to put all the steps together and iterate your approach so that you test different videos, scale up campaigns, and focus on exponential growth. When you are willing to put in the effort and get in on the ground floor of YouTube Ads, you will see incredible growth and scale follow suit, allowing you to achieve 7-8 figures and reach your marketing and growth goals.

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