How to Scale Your Business Through Public Speaking: Lessons from a Traffic & Conversion Summit Speaker

Hey there, it’s Dave Albano, CEO and Founder of Joza Marketing, Mastermind Mentor and International Speaker. With two decades of business experience, we offer fractional CMO services, AI integration and digital marketing training for small and medium-sized businesses, all powered by an all-in-one marketing software suite as well. Not only have I scaled Joza Marketing, but I’ve also had the privilege of sharing my business growth insights on the prestigious Traffic & Conversion Summit (T&C) stage. 

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on how you can easily scale your business and perhaps even land a coveted speaking slot at Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Unlocking Business Growth Through Public Speaking

Public speaking is more than just a platform for sharing insights – it’s a strategic asset for scaling a business. Here’s how you can unlock its growth potential for your digital marketing agency:

1. Boost Brand Visibility (Elevate Your Agency’s Profile…)

Fact: HubSpot research shows that 84% of marketers believe speaking engagements significantly enhance brand visibility.

To grow your business, ensure your target audience knows you’re a contender in the digital marketing space. Speaking at industry events is a surefire way to capture attention and elevate your agency’s profile.

Get on stage, deliver a memorable, value-added talk, and voila! Your brand visibility instantly skyrockets with lasting business benefits. More on those below…

2. Establish Thought Leadership (Be the “Go-To” Guru…)

Fact: According to LinkedIn, 45% of decision-makers and a full 50% of C-level executives were more likely to do business with professionals who are industry thought leaders. 

Public speaking is your ticket to being recognized as an industry thought leader. It provides a unique opportunity to share your insights, drop some wisdom bombs, and stand out in a crowded market. Soon enough, folks will start seeing you as the guru in your space. 

Establishing thought leadership will boost your agency’s status and attract clients looking for top-tier expertise.

And speaking of Clients…

3. Easy Lead Gen & Customer Acquisition (New Clients Coming to YOU!)

Fact: The Content Marketing Institute states that 68% of B2B marketers find in-person events effective for lead generation and customer acquisition.

Imagine attracting new leads and clients for FREE without all those cold emails, endless social media memes, and costly adspend. Public speaking shortcuts ALL of that for you. 

Remember, these events draw an audience already interested in your niche, making them ideal prospects for your digital marketing agency. Those prospects want to do business with those they i) know, ii) like and iii) TRUST. As the Authority on stage, speaking accomplishes all three.

You can even make offers right from stage… Offer a lead magnet for leads or make a paid offer if allowed. I teach my clients exactly how to do this, but I’m going to show you how to start easily for free.

Let leads come to YOU, not the other way ‘round. And who doesn’t want that?

How do you go from being an attendee to one of the Traffic & Conversion Summit speakers? While I can’t hand you a speaking slot, I can share proven strategies and my own speaking experiences to guide you:

1. Host Local Meetups – Be the Boss of Your Own Stage

Start by hosting local meetups to hone your public speaking skills and gain credibility and testimonials. This serves as a stepping stone to greater opportunities like speaking at Traffic & Conversion Summit.

2. Add Huge Value to Those Who “Own” Stages – Win Them Over

Cozy up to the folks who already “own” the stages on which you want to speak. Find influencers and conference hosts who are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Let YOU be their solution!

Here’s the secret sauce: Add massive value to them. Share their content, attend their events, even buy their stuff.  It’s hard to ignore an existing client!

3. Invest in Speaking Opportunities

Don’t shy away from “pay-to-play” opportunities. Look for industry events that offer sponsorship or speaking packages like Traffic and Conversion Summit. By paying to speak, you gain access to a highly targeted audience who have gone out of their way to seek ways to help their business. This becomes a red carpet moment for your brand! Just make sure to choose events with your target audience that offer significant exposure.

Enquire about Sponsored Content Sessions at Traffic & Conversion Summit, limited spaces are still available for T&C 2024!

Exclusive Opportunity

I’ve had the privilege of being among Traffic & Conversion Summit speakers, which helped fuel Joza Marketing’s exposure, credibility and growth. Public speaking is your secret weapon for scaling a business, especially a digital marketing agency. Whether it’s Traffic & Conversion Summit or other venues, it’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about strategic positioning that boosts your brand’s visibility, establishes thought leadership, and enhances customer acquisition. 

Whilst applications for T&C 2024 are now closed you can still apply for a sponsored content session, or subscribe to T&C Insider to be alerted when T&C 2025 Speaker Application open.

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