Eliminate Unqualified Leads from Clogging Up Your Calendar and Get Ideal Prospects to Show Up Ready to Buy

Have you ever had a bad first date?

You go in with high hopes and expectations. You’ve seen pictures of this person, maybe chatted with them a little through a dating app, and you’re ready to kickstart the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Until you meet them. And they are NOTHING like you thought they’d be. Even worse — they’re not so impressed with you either. Both of you are trying to devise a way to end the date as soon as possible, without seeming like a total jerk.

The same thing can happen in the oft-overlooked bridge between marketing and sales.

A prospect signs up for a call but doesn’t show. Worse: they make it to the call, but they are nowhere near your ideal client. They don’t have a clue who you are or how you can possibly help them. You have to take them from ice cold to qualified and converted in 15 minutes.

Like many bad first dates, this is a nightmare for your sales team. And a total waste of time.

What if you could prevent bad dates?

What if your ideal prospects showed up to your sales calls like this:

  • Pre-motivated
  • Pre-qualified
  • Pre-positioned
  • Eager and ready to do business with you

Jennifer Hudye created the Client Conversion Campaign that does just that.

The Client Conversion Campaign

A simple & automated email campaign that warms up prospects before the sales call, so you are only on the phone with quality leads who are ready to buy.

You can expect to:

  • Increase show-up rates for sales calls by 50%
  • Getyour ideal prospects to show up pre-motivated, pre-qualified, and pre-positioned to do business with you
  • Stop wasting time on people that aren’t a good fit

So how do we get people from “Yeah, I’m interested,” to an enthusiastic “YES!” on your sales call?

This is the most valuable real estate in the funnel — and it’s exactly what most business owners are missing.

The answer isn’t ninja sales tactics. It’s doing all the prep work beforehand, so ideal clients show up ready to sign — and it’s the easiest sales call ever.

Step 1: The Foundation

Before you can build a funnel, you need to establish who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about.

Who is your ideal client?

Write down their age, occupation, and other characteristics of your avatar.  What are their problems? What are you going to help them solve?

What are you offering them?

This is the solution to their problem. Everything you create when you build this funnel is based on this solution.

What do they need to believe in order to feel ready to buy?

Most of the time, they need to believe in YOU. Why are you the person they can trust with their problems?
They also need to believe in themselves — that they’re ready to overcome this problem.
Finally, they need to believe in the process, that the steps you will guide them through will actually bring them to their solution.

Step 2: The Structure

Here’s the typical funnel for many business owners.

Notice how there’s nothing happening between the schedule call link and the sales call fulfillment.

Let’s compare that with the Client Conversion Campaign.

Right away we see a huge difference: 3 emails between the schedule call link and the sales call!

Whereas most businesses will leave your ideal client with crickets, you are going to nurture, build relationship, and build rapport.

You’re going to answer their objections in advance so they show up ready to go!

And if they miss the call, there’s an automated campaign that makes sure they reschedule.

What Jennifer found from doing this campaign in her business and with her clients is an average show rate of 75%.

Most businesses deal with an average of 50%… and it’s because they go dark after the calls are scheduled.

To keep the momentum and excitement going, Jennifer designed 3 emails called the Scheduled Call Campaign. This primes them so they show up pre-qualified and pre-motivated.

The Scheduled Call Campaign

Take a look at the subject line. When it comes to copy, a lot of marketers think that subject lines are supposed to be headlines. This works for your marketing emails, but once you’ve begun a relationship that you need to take to the next level, you want to be super clear.

You’re contacting them as a friend. A friend wouldn’t send an email with, “5 Surprising Things That You’re Going to Find Out on Our Call Tomorrow.” Keep it simple and neutral.

Confirm that they are booked, let them know what to expect, and then prepare them for what’s going to happen. Seed what you’re going to talk about on the call to get them excited. Create a vision for them of the exciting possibilities and potential they have working with you. Send a link to case studies and testimonials for your past clients. (The dating/marketing analogy works really well most of the time, but in this case, you should avoid sending testimonials of your past relationships to a new love interest.)

You know those questions you get over and over on your sales calls? This is where you answer them up front. Overcome their objections before you ever get to the call. Always leave them with a call to action.

Again, take note of the subject line. When you’re communicating with a close friend or family member, you really want to keep it casual. Think of it like an email from your mom. She doesn’t say “3 Simple Facts About My Casserole.” She says, “Dinner tomorrow?”

It’s so important to share common values with your customer. They need ot show up to the call feeling like they can really trust you and relate to you.

In the CTA, get their gears turning about the call. Ask them a question like, “What is your #1 problem when it comes to lead generation?”

The next step in the journey is the sales call. Deliver value and enroll them!

If they don’t show up, rebook them as soon as possible. Here’s how.

The Missed Call Campaign

Email 1 is very simple with little fluff. The only purpose of this email is to get them to rebook as soon as possible. That’s why the rebook link is the only CTA, and it’s used twice!

Email 2 has the most simple and direct subject line of all time — their first name! This will yield one of the highest open rates you can imagine.

It’s important here to remind them of the results they could be missing out on.

Again, hammer home that CTA to rebook!

Step 3: The Copy

Now that you’ve established your campaign structure, it’s time to dig into some copy secrets that will work for ANY campaign.

Tip #1 –  Focus on the Benefits

  1. List all the features of your product and service so your clients clearly understand what it is.
  2. List all the advantages of your product and service features. Clearly define what it does.
  3. List the benefits of your product and service. This should outline why it matters to the client. What’s in it for them? Think about your ideal client’s deepest desires. Enter the conversation that’s already going on in their mind. Then meet them with the benefits.

Tip #2 – Use 5 Words to Get Them to the Yes!

You’re probably thinking, X, right?

Think of the most common objections and questions you get on sales calls. Make a list and label them on a scale of 1-10 based on how often they come up.

Use those 5 words to start your copy. You may end up with something like, “You’re probably wondering, will this work for me?”

Use this question to educate them on what they don’t know so they can then make a more informed decision.

Tip #3 – Have a Crystal Clear Call to Action

Your ideal clients make millions of decisions every day! Don’t force them into wondering what to do next in your funnel. Make it as simple as possible.

What doesn’t work:

“If you have questions, let me know!”

“Reach out to chat.”

What works:

“Hit ‘Reply’ to this email and send me your #1 question when it comes to___.”

“Click here to sign up for [Name of Call].”

Whatever you do – don’t leave them hanging.

Other business owners let prospects sign up for calls and walk in cold. They have no idea what to expect or if it will be a good fit for them. They’re wondering if it’s going to be an uncomfortable experience. It’s starting to feel like a bad date before they even get there.

Would you show up with that much uncertainty? I wouldn’t.

So, don’t be that guy! Or gal. Or nonbinary person 🙂

Leverage the Client Conversion Campaign to make sure your prospects are informed, ready, and pumped to sign up with you!

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