Combining AI and LinkedIn: Your Business’s Ultimate Guide to Content Creation Success

Joshua Lee, founder and CEO of StandOut Authority, knows marketers are tired of mass messaging, overly-promotional content, fake news, and selling. At the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit, he offered a better way that focuses on the human-to-human connections that digital marketing professionals sometimes forget. He explained how LinkedIn and artificial intelligence (AI) help you start conversations that build relationships.

Busting LinkedIn Myths

People often neglect LinkedIn for marketing because they believe it won’t get them in front of their ideal audiences. However, Joshua says it’s the only platform where the average user is a decision-marker earning more than $100,000 annually. He describes this as a triple-threat audience that is educated and has the ability and income to buy.

Marketers also assume that LinkedIn only benefits corporations with big budgets, but anyone with the right approach can use it to make money. Your LinkedIn profile, articles, and posts show up in Google searches with a 100 out of 100 domain authority, increasing your visibility.

The Power of LinkedIn and AI

AI is becoming an increasingly core component of LinkedIn because it’s owned by Microsoft, which invested billions in OpenAI and ChatGPT. Within the platform, you can use generative AI to create a first draft or introductory text and headlines for your ads. The Sales Navigator helps you reach qualified leads by narrowing down your list of potential connections, and Account IQ gives you information about companies and their buying habits.

How to Use AI With LinkedIn Live Events

LinkedIn Live Events are an excellent way to attract high-value customers and acquire legitimate email addresses for your ideal audience. Joshua breaks down the process of creating and promoting events with AI.

Step 1: Feed the AI Information

Start by telling the AI what your business is and who you are using a simple prompt like “analyze this information” and then sharing materials from your business, such as:

  • Website
  • Lead magnets
  • Podcast scripts
  • Social media posts

This context helps the AI generate content that sounds like you.

Step 2: Brainstorm Using AI

Joshua also provides this prompt to come up with ideas for your event: “Act as an expert in the field of [your industry]. I would like you to provide me with 10 completely different topic ideas for my first LinkedIn event. Consider these notes: purpose and audience, event type, industry, and speaking preference.”

Using the same input thread, tell the AI: Act as [your name] who likes to write benefit-driven copy. Create 5 different SEO-optimized titles and a 200-word description of a LinkedIn live event for [Topic 1-10]. Write the topics that will be covered in bullet format.”

Step 3: Create Promo Content

Next, create promotional content using this prompt: “Now, create a 200-word post about bullet [1-5] in the voice of [your name]. The goal of this post should be to educate and inspire, then end with inviting the reader to register for the event taking place on [date].”

In that same thread, tell the AI: “Now repurpose this post for content for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. For the TikTok content, I would like you to provide me with a 1-minute video script that is conversational and to the point.”

Step 4: Create the Event

Set up your event on your business page, using an image to help capture people’s interest. Add a title, description, and details, as well as your speakers. Joshua also recommends using the LinkedIn registration form to collect attendee information and email addresses.

Step 5: Invite People

Every speaker for your event receives 1,000 free invites per week that they can send to their first-degree connections. You can also leverage LinkedIn groups through the sales navigator to send up to 200 invites per day based on characteristics such as location, industry, or job title.

Step 6: Promote Across Channels

Joshua recommends advertising your event at least four weeks in advance using all social media platforms. After prospective attendees begin registering, download their email addresses and start nurturing those relationships immediately with reminders, thank-you messages, and value content.

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