3 Wicked Smaht Ideas to Try in Your Business Today

Have you ever wondered what that one thing is that might work for your business? That’s where the Wicked Smaht Panel at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2021 can help you! Recently, a number of successful business leaders got up on stage to share with the eager crowd about their one thing that’s guaranteed to drive traffic and increase conversions!

Take a look at a few examples below!

#1 Give Crowd-Sourced Webinars a Try

Adam Lyons, a professional who helps companies grow and scale, shared an idea that can help you boost your revenue by more than 40 percent through crowd-sourced webinars. Today, there has been a massive push for business automation.

A lot of business owners like automation because they believe this can help them save time; however, customers actually despise it. Have you ever found yourself screaming at a phone tree? This is an example of a customer hating automation.

So, if you want to blend the two approaches, do things differently. Use your webinars for marketing instead. Hold a tour-hour seminar once per month. Use a Google Form survey to figure out which topic your attendees want to learn about. Ask for permission to pitch the customers at the end, and most customers will say “yes” if they’re sitting through the webinar.

After the pitch, ask the attendees if they have any questions. Use those questions to generate the next webinar next month!

#2 Use a New Top 20 Tool

Jen Gottlieb, with Super Connector Media, shared a Top 20 tool that can help you use your relationships to accomplish a goal. First, you take a piece of paper and write your goal at the top. Then, you generate four columns with the name of the individual, how influential you think the person can be, how likely the person is to help, and a column where you will write the total score.

Write the name of the person under the column. Then, score the influence of that person on a scale of 1 to 10. How much influence do they have? How can they help you reach your goal? Then, score how likely they are to help you on a scale of 1 to 10. Total up the score in the last column.

Sort the list by score. For the people at the top of the list, just ask them to help you. For the people at the bottom of the list, do something to help them. Then, they’ll be more likely to help you!

#3 Conversational Marketing with Three Questions

Have you ever seen those annoying marketing emails saying “sign up now, only two spots left!” There’s a reason why these don’t generate conversions. They aren’t conversational. Bernardo Feitosa, with Grace Space Hypnosis, uses three questions to boost webinar sales.

Do you think you can join us? Do you have any questions before we begin? What did you think?

Notice that these questions are used to create a conversation with your target market. You may find that some people are ready to buy without sitting through a webinar at all! Talk to your audience, see what they want, and their natural replies will help you hit your marketing goals!

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