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8:30 AM
Ryan Deiss – It’s the End of Marketing As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
10:00 AM
Daniel Harmon & Benton Crane – The Squatty Potty Secret Sauce Revealed: Why Aiming for Viral Videos is the Wrong Approach to Marketing Your Brand
11:00 AM
Laura Belgray – Inbox HERO: How to Write Emails that Will Have Your List Clicking, Buying, and Drooling at Every Word
12:00 PM
Perry Belcher – The Wholesale Traffic Formula: How to Instantly Leverage Social Content with Paid Traffic to Drive 2 Penny Clicks and 10 Cent Leads With These 3 Simple Hacks
1:00 PM
Amanda Bond – Build a Social Media Sales Machine (with Organic Content + Paid Facebook Ads)
2:00 PM
Roland Frasier – Tool Wizardry: We Reveal Our Most Coveted, Closely-Guarded Secret Stash Of Awesomely Effective Marketing Tools For You To Steal
3:00 PM
Natasha Takahashi – The 6-Step Chatbot Campaign Formula That Will Double Your Traffic and Conversions
4:00 PM
Brendon Burchard – The Million-Dollar 7-Day LIVE Launch

8:30 AM
Ryan Deiss – Instant Authority – 5 Steps To Crafting a “Micro-Brand” That Captures the Heart, Mind, and Wallet of Your Audience
10:00 AM
Rachel Miller – The 5-Step Formula to Create A Viral-Generating Audience
11:00 AM
Syed Balkhi – The Success Gap Framework – Our Proven Method to 5X the Traffic & Growth of Your Digital Business in 18 Months or Less
12:00 PM
Roland Frasier, Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner, & Perry Belcher – “Wicked Smart” Marketing Tactics, Strategies & Tweaks You Should Be Leveraging (But Probably Aren’t)
1:00 PM
Katie Vogel -Monetization Magic: 21 Proven Money Making Strategies From A $300 Million Business
2:00 PM
Frank Kern – How I Grew My Net Revenue By 425% Using Social Media (A Special Presentation for Anyone Who Hates Social Media)
3:00 PM
Justin Rondeau – How DigitalMarketer Increased In-Funnel Trial Take Rates by 700%
4:00 PM
Rachel Hollis – 5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Eight Years Ago

8:30 AM
Sally Hogshead – The $5000 Word
9:30 AM
Ashley Segura – Find Your Lost Conversions: Social Media Auditing 101
10:30 AM
Sunny Lenarduzzi – Build an Evergreen Sales System with YouTube
11:30 AM
Billy Gene Shaw – The Million Dollar Video Ad Formula That Works Again & Again & Again
12:30 PM
Clodagh Higgins – Unlock the People Power in Your Agency to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals
1:30 PM
Richard Lindner – Prioritizing Growth: A Proven Formula For Ranking & Prioritizing The Ideas That Will Grow Your Business (And Eliminate The Ones That Won’t)

Featured speakers
Ryan Deiss
Co-Founder & CEO, DigitalMarketer
Rachel Hollis
Founder + CCO, The Hollis Co.
Roland Frasier
CEO, All Channels Media, LLC
Billy Gene Shaw
Founder & CEO, Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc.
Richard Lindner
President, DigitalMarketer
Brendan Burchard
Host of HPX Podcast, The Burchard Group
Perry Belcher
Co-Founder & CEO, Rival Brands
Justin Rondeau
General Manager, DigitalMarketer

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