How to Use AI in Marketing and Business 

Written by Dean Davis, Remember This Marketing  Unearthing the AI Goldmine to Skyrocket Your Marketing and Business   Are you ready to strike GOLD and leave your competition in the dust? You see, right now, we’re sitting on a veritable goldmine of opportunity, and it’s called Artificial Intelligence (AI).   That’s right. It’s time to harness the power of AI […]

How to Use AI to Write Your Next Ad

Are you one of those “accidental marketers” who struggle with writing effective Facebook ads? Don’t worry if you are because you’re not alone!  Writing ad copy that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions is daunting and requires a certain level of writing skill. But thanks to AI – it’s now easier than ever to create […]

How I Scaled To Over $100M in Sales Before Age 29 Using Other People’s Skills

Leila Hormozi scaled to over $100m before the age of 29. Since her early 20’s Leila has personally built, scaled and sold three businesses. Find out how she achieved this success and her top tips to accomplishing this too. Leila Hormozi: The Story So Far  Leila has learned a great deal from her experiences, but […]

10 Key Elements for an Advertising Ready Website   

Ensuring that your website is optimized and ready for visitors through website best practices should be a priority for every business. In particular, if you want your website to be ready for ads, it needs to be set up properly in the first place.  There are 10 key elements to get your website ad ready. […]

Try Ezra Firestone’s Killer Content Strategy and Convert Customers Over and Over Again

2020 Is Not Going as Planned Events are postponed. Government regulations are inconsistent…. Brunch is under new management. (Hint: It’s you.) Your coworkers got about 30 years younger and are possibly no longer human. We’re all about finding the Silver Linings, but COVID has been tough on business in all industries. The good news: even […]