Deceptive Solicitors Claiming to Be T&C

It has been brought to our attention that there are multiple companies contacting Traffic & Conversion Summit attendees (both past and currently registered), claiming to represent Traffic & Conversion Summit (and/or leaving out important information so that it’s ambiguous whether they represent Traffic & Conversion Summit or not), offering various services related to attending or exhibiting at Traffic & Conversion Summit.


It appears as though the vendors that are sending these advertisements are simply spamming and cold-calling the companies that appear on the attendee and exhibitor pages in addition to social media profiles and mentions.

If you are contacted about any of these offerings, they are scams, period. (Traffic & Conversion Summit does not work with housing companies, nor do we share attendee contact information.)

To help us put a stop to these deceptive companies, we ask that if you receive a solicitation from any person or business that claims to be authorized by Traffic & Conversion Summit (or makes it seem as though there is some sort of association with the conference), we encourage you to forward it along to us, [email protected]

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